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Inclusive Events

Project for Inclusive Events,llc, 2023

I am passionate about leveraging my expertise in illustration, web design, and visual design to empower Inclusive Events, LLC in fostering diverse and inclusive communities, particularly those focused on disability-related initiatives.

The purpose of the illustrations is to help young people and children with disabilities to face their situation with optimism. With the theme of "Inclusion", through different characters and different situations, it shows that even physically challenged people can enjoy a variety of lives and become different protagonists. At the same time, people should be aware of the universality of people with disabilities and treat them with the most respect.

​Art Statements

Inlcusion Is Enchanted: A young girl who is developmentally delayed is being told she is valuable and beautiful by the fairies.

Inclusion Is Out of This World: Designed to demonstrate the power inclusion can have for all

Inclusion Needs No Words: Designed to inspire social inclusion of nonverbal persons.

Inclusion Is Free: Designed to promote inclusion and awareness of all people with mental and physical disabilities.

Inclusion Is Magical: Designed to promote pride and inclusion for persons with physical impairments.

Inclusion Is Mermazing: Designed to promote self-worth for all people with physical and mental handicaps.

Inclusion Rock: Designed to inspire disabled persons to participate in activities they enjoy.


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Visual Design

While working with the company on illustrations, I was also involved in helping to design the company's website, logo, and visual communications.For more information, visit the official Inclusive Events, Lcc website!

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